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I'm Saif Ahmed. Welcome to my home page. After over a decade of being under construction, I've decided to snip this website down to a single page.


My interests are varied.  There is not enough time to pursue them all, barely enough time to keep updated on the latest developments, but here goes:



I'm not a talented artist.  I've produced some great stuff in the past, but I think they were lucky mistakes.  Nevertheless I continue to try.  Here are the things I'm attempting at the moment:
  • Photography - something I have on my mind constantly, even when i'm walking to the gym or running down the hallways of my office. I recently posted part of my portfolio. My gear: Canon 20D.
  • Digital/Instrumental Music - something I've been working on since 2002.  Still a work in progress.  Once completed, MP3 will be posted right here!  Influenced by: DJ Mythos and Cosmo, DJ Mystic, Robert Miles and Enya and Delerium.
  • Digitally Produced Hip Hop - I've done some work with the now disbanded group DND (w/ Chronicles and "The AL")  It was a bit juvenile, so I wont post the MP3 here.  Keep on the lookout for new music from an alter ego, The Broker.  Influenced by: Wu-Tang Clan, The RZA, The Gravediggaz, Killarmy, Jay-Z, Jedi Mind Tricks, Eminem and my friend David Chou.



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